A New Chapter

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Getting to know our community on different levels gives us a chance to try new things, be bold and have so much fun. Our beloved friend Alexis recently celebrated her 25th birthday. For some this is a huge milestone, where you sit somewhere between early and late twenties, but with every milestone comes an opportunity for reflection. 

To celebrate Alexis' birthday we hosted a photo shoot at the Tier Zero studio. With no need for direction, Alexis came ready and confident as ever. She radiated “grown womxn” vibes. As she struck her poses and laughed 99% of the time, we were all able to be present to admire a beautiful black womxn own the new journey ahead. Thank you Alexis for letting us capture this moment and for sharing your thought with us. 

Check out below to read Alexis’ self-reflection letter


Here’s to a new chapter.

A new beginning.


It’s interesting how time becomes more prominent as you get older. Something that used to simply signify when class was over turns into a stopwatch. Twenty-five brought with it a sense of urgency to make use of my time moving forward and the countdown to its arrival acted as an indicator of all the time I’d wasted. Truthfully, I was scared.


Now, I’ve learnt to not fear time but rather embrace it. I view this new chapter as an opportunity to make a conscious effort to move through the world with intention behind everything I do, and to make each moment mean something - to me.

I have always considered myself a shy, introverted person however I have love filled memories of me as a child dancing with my arms stretched to the sun or heading to school enthusiastic with my head held high. I realized something. I was never introverted or shy. But at some point, something or someone convinced me I was too loud. So I went quiet. And in that silence all my worries seemed magnified. I often found myself crying out of frustration because for everyone else around me, it seemed like they had mastered time. They knew exactly what they wanted for themselves meanwhile I had no clue where to start. Which led to my experience with ‘Imposter Syndrome’ being way too critical of myself and comparing everyone else’s life and accomplishments to my own. And worst of all, I momentarily gave up my power and allowed another person to manipulate me into believing I wasn’t worth respecting. 

Which led to my experience with ‘Imposter Syndrome’ being way too critical of myself and comparing everyone else’s life and accomplishments to my own.

The Sankofa Bird symbolizes reaching back to the past and using that knowledge to progress your future. Time has a way of revealing who you truly are and teaches you many lessons along the way. 


I no longer wish to be shy. 

I no longer wish to be silenced - not by anyone nor myself. 

I no longer wish to watch from the sidelines. 

I wish for the courage to be loud even when I am afraid to be. 

To undo bad habits and practice patience when I fall back into them. 

To respect my own journey and experiences. 

And I wish to always know that my value comes from who I am as an individual and the kind of person I seek to become. 

But I will also be kind and patient with myself and I am not going to pretend like all I set out to do will get done - let’s be real. But I will say, twenty-five has blessed me with a different energy when approaching the things I set out to do. 


Here’s to a new chapter.

A new beginning.