with Britt

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Some people love working out, others hmm… not so much, but that doesn’t need to be the case. We recognize and understand the lack of enthusiasm towards exercise, so we wanted to combat this narrative and help others get past some of the barriers.


To do so we had to look at what made people hesitant to workout. There were many reasons: some felt uncomfortable in certain spaces, others mentioned a lack of support and feelings of “I don’t know what I’m doing”. In addition, the explosion of fitness culture across social media has exercise more associated with a change in look versus a change in how we feel. Yes, through exercising regularly our bodies can change - we become stronger, faster and quicker. This is great, but how we look shouldn’t be the driving force behind movement, it should be about our overall well-being. 


SHIFT means to make change in direction or focus, it’s a word that encompasses the true intention of our first fitness program. SHIFT was a 4-week program that took place in August 2020. It’s important for us as womxn to shift our bodies, minds and feelings and we wanted to create a community space where we could do so. With the help of our amazing trainer and mentor Britt (@trainwbritt), we were able to make this space a reality.


Every Sunday in the month of August a small group of us womxn came together to learn, unlearn and move. It was a privilege to be able to be outdoors - abiding by public health regulations - and still engaging in human interaction. As a group, we committed to elevating our physical and mental wellness in a space that was a judgment-free free zone. Our group of diverse womxn varied in ages, backgrounds, athletic levels, and lived experiences but what connected us was that we were womxn who wanted to grow together. So no matter the weather, or the time each womxn made the commitment to themselves and to us as a group.

However, getting our sweat on and learning proper form was not all that SHIFT was about (although Britt did an incredible job at making sure we did). We made certain that every session had a pre- and post-talk, ensuring to set intentions and reflect on how we felt. Midway through our sessions, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet Keren (@kombuchamami) who joined and led some very amazing conversations about double standards, self/body image, as well as our relationship with food. 

Amidst a pandemic, SHIFT provided us with a little piece of joy. We learned a lot about each other and most importantly, ourselves. We grew, felt stronger and became more empowered. We understood that we could push ourselves to do our best at all times (even when planking), but what made SHIFT so special was we now had a group of bad@$$ womxn we could call friends that had our backs. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in SHIFT and for the (insert fire emoji) playlists (shhh... those are a SHIFT exclusive). We hope you continue to stay safe and healthy during these challenging times, and when the time is right, SHIFT will be back!


With Love,