Patchwork is a collective led by womxn that

cultivates community while encouraging the

journey of self-discovery.

Whether it be getting out of one’s comfort zone, learning new skills or sharing interests with unique individuals, Patchwork’s intention is to support growth and familiarity among those we engage.

We want to curate programs and discussions that

are relevant to today’s world and that highlights

the experiences of womxn and BIPOC communities.​


Our Core Values


Diversity & Inclusion

Patchwork is a collective because we believe everyone has something of value. Individuals deserve to be in spaces where they feel safe, respected and accepted.

We encourage others to be their authentic selves because we recognize that our differences make us stronger. We seek out inclusion of differences, knowing that we

can learn from each other. We see our community as individuals who are

constantly learning, teaching and

becoming leaders.


At Patchwork as we embark on our journeys of self discovery together, we remind ourselves to carry these two principles with us to bring us one step closer to our goals, big and small. Learning looks different for everyone but it’s the ability to be open-minded to something new that connects us, whether that means asking questions, listening without judgment, or asking for help. At Patchwork, we recognize we are all navigating this world but together and with curiosity it becomes that much more fun.


Plain and simple, if you think you’re not creative we are here to tell you, YOU ARE. There is no right or wrong way to be creative. Creativity is not about the end product but about the process to getting there. Be it creativity in thought or in action, Patchwork is here to remind you that we all are creative individuals. 


“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”Maya Angelou.

Capable and Competent

Everyone is capable and competent to do anything they set their mind to. There are times in life we may not feel this way, or there are hurdles that can have us question if this is true but if you’re reading this right now, you are capable and competent. At Patchwork as we embark on our journeys of self discovery together, reminding ourselves that we are capable and competent can bring us one step closer to our goals, big and small.


We believe in you. We believe in us.

We believe in what we can all do together. The journey

of self-discovery is endless, but that is why growing and learning together as individuals is so special. We all have something valuable to contribute or to gain.

Just like the journey of self-discovery, Patchwork will evolve, grow and learn many lessons along the way. We don’t have it all figured out, but that’s the best part as we’re embarking on the journey just like you.