w/ Sara


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Walking into the first ever session of Home-coming with Sara @_sarasplace_, there was an overarching sense of calm. The abundance of plants, the scent that filled the air and the overall aesthetic was like no other. Yet, what stood out the most was Sara, who for us embodied the essence of calm, yet powerful.

Gathered together in a circle, the colours of not only the space but of our small group of diverse womxn radiated. The journey we were about to embark on was new, guided by Sara to answer for ourselves "what was Home-coming?"


“Home-coming is a space intentionally offered to facilitate the participant in making the much needed return home back to themselves. There is a collective pressure to focus on the external so much so that the internal human experience can often be neglected. Home-coming is the gentle invitation to come home, to explore and reclaim the internal space that houses you and is needing your attention. The call is to come home.” —Sara


Through Sara’s exercises and the overall time spent together we opened up and learned about each other but more importantly about ourselves. We smiled, laughed, cried and spoke up. We recognized the intention of homecoming. A group of womxn who came from different lived experiences ultimately established connections to others and ourselves.  

Thank you to all the womxn who participated in the first session of Homecoming and a big thank you to Sara for facilitating a practice that was one of a kind. We are glad that this will not be the last Homecoming session. 

Sessions are centered around a range of different and relevant topics from:

i) Getting to know your emotions and their purpose

ii) Learning how to cope with your emotions

iii) Body awareness

iv) Exploration of internalized myths or beliefs

If this is of interest to you, stay tuned for more details on @patchwork.collective for the next session of Homecoming, and how to sign up!  Also you check out @_sarasplace_ to learn more about her practice and perspectives on wellness. 

With Love,